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TITLE Enterprise License and Solution License
DATE 08-05-2007

In April 20, 2007, Devpia agreed to partner with PFU Co. Ltd. (, which is a subsidiary company of Fujitsu Corporation in Japan, to supply a solution license for the DEXTUpload.NET to PFU in order to integrate the Devpia’s solution into PFU’s network scanner product called fi-6000NS.

PFU has been in business for over 45 years in the computer industry supplying computers and scanners as well as performing system integration projects to develop hardware/software, to install and to integrate networks and systems, to perform system maintenance and support, and to design/develop company-wide security and IT infrastructure. PFU has a head office in Tokyo and over 120 sales/branch offices throughout Japan as well as 16 subsidiary companies in the US, China, and Singapore.

“Due to an increased number of enquiries about our Enterprise and Solution Licenses, the following outlines the basics concerning the issue.”

Solution License
1. Purpose and description : Integration of the Dext Solution into an existing or developing third party solution.
2. Price : Please contact us to get the price which is dependent on the type of solution, type of application area, and global distribution strategy.
3. Reference : In 2001, Dext Solution was integrated into a knowledge-based groupware solution and in 2007, Dext Solution was integrated into a network scanner solution by a large Japanese software vendor.

Enterprise or Site License
1. Purpose and description : License given to a site or enterprise which needs to install the Dext Solution to a large number of servers, usually over 100 servers.
2. Price : Please contact us to get the price which is dependent on the number of servers, number of sites, and type of application. The Enterprise or site license pricing is much more economical for large installations compared to a per server license.
3. Reference : In 2006, a major online shopping mall purchased our Enterprise license for their 100+ servers to upload large image files.

1. Upgrade/update/technical support service is separate to the Solution and/or Enterprise licenses so please consider and discuss separately during negotiations.

Thank you.