DEXTUpload.Net Pro


A .NET version of DEXTUpload Pro, available on websites developed with ASP.NET. For the first time in Korea,
we achieved Microsoft .NET Connected Logo License certification in the component division.

About DEXTUpload.Net Professional

DEXTUpload.NET Pro is a server-side component based on HTTP protocol that supports file upload from Web browser to Web server. It is hosted on IIS (Internet Information Server) on Windows OS and developed based on ASP.NET server application platform Available on all websites. It is the first .NET-based upload component in Korea, and it continues to improve various productivity and convenience by supporting various additional functions.

DEXTUpload.NET Pro has full integration features with ASP.NET and can completely overcome the limitations of ASP.NET in terms of file uploads (not suitable for large file uploads, server load issues and reliability, and simple upload functionality) . It is written in 100% managed code using the C # language and provides improved upload speed and stability.

Main functions

1. Supports powerful file upload
- Supports large file upload up to 2GB
- .NET technology with optimal parsing algorithm uses fast upload speed and low system resources.
- Remove unprocessed temporary files when uploading multiple files.
- Supports overwriting, saving with new name and automatic folder creation for uploaded files.
- Supports file upload with various form data.
- File extension filtering, supports for setting individual/full capacity limits.
- Supports upload timeout setting.
- Flexible handling of filtered files.
- Supports for the seamless processing of form data and file names in unicode.
- Provides file upload for ASP.NET MVC environment.
- Supports high-capacity (more than 2GB) uploads in conjunction with our client products (DEXTUploadX5).

2. File download support
- Supports partial content download
- Supports for partial content download using range header only.
- Files can be downloaded at all time without being opened in the browser.
- Stream (System.IO.Stream) data download

3. Support for image processing
- It can display the copyright of the image file by processing the water mark.
- Converts image files to thumbnails and scales to suit your desired size.
- Image can be flipped or rotated.
- Support for format conversion (Convert to IBMP, JPG, GIF, PNG format).
- Metadata extraction is supported for TIFF, JPEG, and EXIF images.
- You do not need to purchase separate components for simple image processing.

4. Differences in product versions (before and after version 5.0)
- Blob-related features up to version 4.X no longer supported.
- Progress function is no longer supported due to compatibility differences in each browser.
- Previous versions of source code (web.config and deployment source) are incompatible.
  (If you want to use the old version of code as it is, you must use the old product version.)
- Provides single 32-bit and 64-bit installation package without dividing them.
- There is no authentication process at the time of installation, so it is very easy to install products on the server.

System requirements

1. Server
- Windows Server 2008 R2 (Server Core is supported by at least SP1), Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019,
  Windows Server 2022
  (available in testing Windows 7 SP1 or later, Windows Vista SP2 or later, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11.)
- IIS ( Internet Information Service 7.x or higher
- .NET Framework 4.x or higher
- ASP.NET 4.x / ASP.NET MVC 4 or higher

2. Client
- IE, Firefox, Safari (only macOS), Chrome, Opera, Edge Browser
  (note that there may be differences in support depending on browser characteristics, sometimes IE 8.0 and lower versions)

3. Caution
- For ASP.NET MVC 4, .NET Framework requires minimum 4.5.x version.
- The .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, and 3.x versions are not supported.
- Mono, .NET Core, and ASP.NET Core are not supported.

Release information

v5.5.0.0 (Release date: Feb 22, 2023)
1. Improvements
- Solving MacOS Hangul Character Isolation: Provides the ability to change NFD (Normalization Form D) to NFC (Normalization Form C)
- Provide samples built to test without Visual Studio

2. Bug Patch
- Fixed the phenomenon that single quotes included in file names are removed
- Fixed Domain License Mismatch in Number of Service Counters

v5.4.3.0 (Release date: Nov 21, 2022)
1. Improvements
- Support Windows 11, Windows Server 2022

v5.4.2.0 (Release date: July 13, 2019)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed an issue where some domain license authentication keys were not recognized correctly

v5.4.1.0 (Release date: July 15, 2019)
1. Improvements
- Supports Windows 2019

v5.4.0.0 (Release date: February 13, 2019)
1. Improvements
- Supports Window 2016/2019
- Configure multilingual integrated installer
- Change client cache control policy and add MaxAge properties
- Mitigate Range Header Inspection
- Supports Domain license
- Supports for combined licenses
- Provides file signature checking
- Reads the uploaded text file contents immediately.
- Provides ANI-GIF frame information extraction
- Encrypt large file upload key
- Provides flexibility for RFC1867 field headers
- Perform a disk scan before saving files
- Supports file name obfuscation
- Improves uploads in some file structures, such as DXF.

2. Bug Patch
- Correct calculation problems if range header value is negative
- Fixes problems that do not delete meta files after large uploads have been completed.
- Fix problems where some items are not forwarded to the Request.Forms collection
- Fixing index errors while uploading files in classic mode
- Correcting Range Header parsing errors during Partial Content Download operation
- Fixes a problem where the OriginalFileLength value appears below the Chunked value in a large file upload.

v4.2.0.0 (Release date: Jun 27, 2013)
1. Improvements
- Supports Windows 2012

v4.1.0.0 (Release date: Aug 24, 2011)
1. Improvements
- Remove COM+ feature of ASP.NET 2.0 version
- Support Virtual Path and Network Path when processing uploaded images
2. Bug Patch
- Corrected the error occurring in SessionTimeout when ScriptTimeOut applied to less than one minute

v4.0.0.0 (Release date: June 16, 2010)
1. Improvements
- Supports IIS 7.0 Integrated Pipeline Mode in Windows 2008
- ASP.NET 4.0 supported (.NET Framework 4.0)
- Added diverse methods of creating thumbnail image
- Added transparency adjusting function when adding watermark

v3.7 (Release date: Feb 4, 2009)
1. Improvements
- Supports IIS 7.0 in Windows 2008 (Excluded Integrated Pipe mode)

v3.6 (Release date: Jun 7, 2006)
1. Improvements
- ASP.NET 2.0 supported
- .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 are supported, and separate DEXTUpload.NET.dll are supported for each version

v3.5.1 (Release date: Jun 7, 2005)
1. Bug patch
- Fixed the "Out of memory" error in older version when its not an image format that GDI+ supports
- Modified the version information of to "" in Web.config

v3.5.0 (Release date: Mar 14, 2005)
1. Improvements
- Auto creation of upload folder
- User defined progress window
- Continuous file download
- Unconditional download for any format
- Watermarking of image files
- Thumbnail handling
- Conversion of image file format
- Meta information of image file
- Provided with various format, width, and height of image files

v3.0.3 (Release date: Sep 2003)

v3.0.0 (Release date: May 2003)