DEXTUpload Pro


DEXTUpload Professional is a powerful HTTP-based Windows Component,
which helps you upload files from the Web Browser to any web site running IIS(Internet Information Server) Web Server.

About DEXTUpload Professional

DEXTUpload Professional is a powerful HTTP-based Windows Component, which helps you upload files from the Web Browser to any web site running IIS(Internet Information Server) Web Server. Since DEXTUpload Professional is very well known all over the world for its stability, and performance, we have more than 7000 Internet sites and clients using our product to support their web services. We, the developers, are constantly doing our best to upgrade the product’s functionality and performance.

Obtained GS Certification from Telecommunication Technology Association(TTA)

GS인증 GS Certification is an acronym for Good Software (Excellent Korean Software). Thisspecifies that the software had met the requirements as specified in theQuality Certification Standards of Software (MIC Notification 2000-81,2000.10.31) as enforced by the Enforcement Ordinance Article 10-3 of theSoftware Industry Development Act. TTA reviews the quality of the software inaccordance with the relevant regulationsand TTA standards and issues this mark to qualified software.
(Certification Date: Dec 11 2006 | Certification Number: 06-0210).

Main functions

1. Supports powerful file upload
- Supports large file upload up to 2GB
- Fast upload and low system resources with ATL technology and optimal parsing algorithms
- Enables transaction processing to cancel the entire operation in the event of an error when uploading multiple files
- Supports overwriting, saving with new name, and automatic folder creation for uploaded files
- Supports file upload with various form data.
- Supports capacity limit and upload timeout setting
- Supports for the seamless processing of form data and file names in uni-code.
- It is not possible to upload more than 2G due to limitations of web server(IIS) when data is sent using HTTP.
  However, high-capacity(more than 2G) uploads are possible when used in conjunction with our client products(X5).

2. File download support
- Minimizes file IO operations and resource usage on web servers by caching many files with simultaneous download redundancy.
  (Acting on version and earlier, Supports up to Windows 2008 servers)
- Partial content download
- Files can be downloaded at all time without being opened in the browser.
- Starting with v4.X, you can use the 'Enable chunking Encoding' setting in the IIS settings without modification

3. Support for image processing
- It can display the copyright of the image file by processing the water mark.
- Converts image files to thumbnails and scales to suit your desired size.
- Support for format conversion (Convert to BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG format).
- Provides more information about digital camera image files
- It provides the format, width and height of various image files. (BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, ICON, EMF, WMF, etc.)
- You do not need to purchase separate components for simple image processing.

4. Compatibility with previous versions of our products
- Blob-related features up to v3.X are no longer supported because they cannot guarantee 100% the reliability of system-specific resources (dll)
- UI feature is no longer supported due to compatibility differences with each browsers
- The code used in v3.X is unable to re-use 100% due to removing unstable functions as shown above.
- The BLOB function must be implemented by the user and we recommend using client components to implement the Client UI function.
- Caching for files with highly download access is not supported from v4.X

System requirements

1. System Requirements
- Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 (can be tested on Windows 7 SP1 or later, Windows 8.1, Windows 10)
- Internet Information Service (IIS) 7.x or later
- 32/64 bit Processor integration support (except Intel IA64 processor)

2. Client Requirements
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Netscape 3.0 or later
- Mac OS 9.1, X / Safari 2.0.2, Netscape 7.2
  (for more information related to the Mac support is hereclick.)

Release information

v4.3.2.0 (Release date: July 12, 2021)
1. Improvements
- Applied latest version of authentication key encryption/decryption library.

v4.3.1.0 (Release date: July 25, 2020)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed a library in which an authentication key decryption error occurs in the Windows Server family.

v4.3.0.0 (Release date: June 3, 2020)
1. Improvements
- AES256 encryption/decryption function added.
- In case of product authentication error, add error information.
- Added a tool for checking local information when generating an authentication key.

v4.2.5.0 (Release date: July 25, 2019)
1. Improvements
- Corrected bugs during WebP image conversion

v4.2.4.0 (Release date: July 15, 2019)
1. Improvements
- Supports Windows 2019

v4.2.3.0 (Release date: July 15, 2019)
1. Improvements
- Supports Windows 2019

v4.2.3.0 (Release date: May 21, 2019)
1. Improvements
- Corrected Trial License Authentication Module

v4.2.2.0 (Release date: February 26, 2019)
1. Improvements
- Supports Windows 2016
- You can choose English and Japanese other than basic Korean during installation.
- Corrected Domain License Authentication Module
- Supports Domain license
- Support for partial transmission with Range header
- Supports Web.config initialization when creating download objects
- Add file compression, add target files to create a single compressed file (zip, 7z support)
- Supports conversion to WebP format when converting images
- When converting image formats support Usage Function Transfer Factor Simplification Method ConvertImageFormat2
2. Bug Patch
- Corrected an issue where non-English characters are broken when checking the string properties in an ImageProc object
- Modified the object file Open bug that occurred during the follow-up download.

v3.5.8.0 (Release date: April 26, 2013)
1. Improvement of function
- Windows 2012 support

v3.5.5.0 (Release date: August 24, 2011)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed a problem that caused product authentication problems on some specific servers.

v3.5.4.0 (Release date: November 29, 2010)
1. Improvement of function
- Fixed partial uploads (v3.5.3 version only) when uploading certain patterns.

v3.5.3 (Release date: August 26, 2010)
1. Bug Patch
- Modify MDXifExposureTime property return value of DEXT.ImageProc object

v3.5.1 (Release date: June 16, 2010)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed the problem that the download of 0 byte file fails (v3.5.0 version only)
- Fixed the problem that image quality is degraded when processing thumbnail (v3.5.0 version only)

v3.5.0 (Release date: January 20, 2010)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed the problem of applying FontStyle property of DEXT.ImageProc object.
- Fixed the problem that the browser stops when BLOB file is canceled while downloading
2. Improvement of function
- Fixed that MIME information is automatically set when downloading file
- Modified so that no error occurs even when the thumbnail processing
- Thumbnail modification processing problems that the black line is sometimes generated on the right and bottom
- mproved partial internal exception handling and error messages

v3.3.4 (Release date: June 11, 2009)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed file download and file transfer progress (DEXTUpload Pro v3.3.0 or later only)

v3.3.3 (Release date: April 30, 2009)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed a problem when running in the browser except for IE when using the file upload progress window
- Fixed an exception handling problem when the connection to the user was disconnected due to an error when downloading the file
2. Improvement of function
- If not, the file upload will proceed but the uploaded bell will be terminated immediately.
- FileUploadMonitor, SetProgressWindowType method added to the Progress object : Enhanced upload progress window support in various browsers.
- When multiple DEXT products are installed, Fixed the problem of deleting registry information
- Releasing DEXTUpload.dll registered in registry when program is deleted

v3.3.2 (Release date: February 6, 2009)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed a problem where temporary files could not be deleted occasionally when a file was not saved properly when uploading a file (v3.3.0, v3.3.1 only)

v3.3.1 (Release date: November 18, 2008)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed "IIS Worker Process" crash on some Windows Server 2008

v3.2.1 (Release date: April 4, 2008)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed a problem where Thumbnail was not applied to some files (8bit image file) during image processing
- Fixed MDXifFlash property return value of DEXT.ImageProc object
2. Improvement of function
- Added 7 Exif properties to DEXT.ImageProc object
  : MDDateTimeOrig
  : MDExifMaximumLensAperture
  : MDExifFocalLengthIn35mm - 35mm Film Focal Length
  : MDExifExposureBias - Exposure Compensation
  : MDExifExifDigitalZoomRatio - Digital Zoom
  : MDExifMeteringMode - Metering Mode
  : MDExifLightSource - Light Source

v3.2.0 (Release date: April 2, 200)
1. Improvement of function
- Added Quality attribute to adjust sharpness of jpeg file in image processing (WaterMark, Thumbnail, ConvertFormat)
- Support 64 bit environment

v3.1.9 (Release date: December 18, 2006)
1. Improvement of function
- Added examples of previously unavailable properties and methods (see sample)
- If the uploaded file size is greater than the configured property (TotalLen) value, Modified to send an error message to the user when the interrupt (Response.End) was done and finish.
2. Bug Patch
- large amounts of foam tags (hidden type) and solve problems that sometimes occur when you upload your files (error information: Abnormal files have been uploaded)
- When the file Resume Resume normal times should not have the problem solved
- a cache file Troubleshoot problems when downloading

v3.1.7 (Release date: June 1, 2006)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed a problem where memory was increased when downloading file data stored in the database (calling DownloadBLOB method) (DEXTUpload Pro 3.0 or later only)