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TITLE DEXTUploadNX v1.0.6.0 Released. (incl. past release info.)
DATE 09-12-2014
DEXTUploadNX v1.0.6.0 (Released on 28 Oct 2014)
1. Improvements
- Required column (file name / path, size, state) to strengthen the initialization support
- Added support for user-defined column
- Strengthening of the user settings of the column header
- Support the font settings
- Add an image editing function
- Add Property of checking the size of the image items to be uploaded
- Add the method of the setting alias of the items to be uploaded

2. Bug Patch
- After uploading, it used to receive the response without Content-Length header, but resolved and receives normally.
DEXTUploadNX v1.0.5.0 (Released on 1 Aug 2014)
1. Improvements
- Add the function of limiting the average speed of up/download
DEXTUploadNX v1.0.4.0 (Released on 22 Jul 2014)
1. Bug Patch
- There used to be a response problems in case of using alert() or confirm() inside the function, after updating the latest
version of Chrome(36.0.1985.125 m), when the event occurs(when defining the OnNXOperatorEvent*()). Modified to
normal operation using NXAlert() and NXConfirm()
DEXTUploadNX v1.0.3.0 (Released on 4 Jul 2014)
1. Improvements
(1) Add Thumbnail automatic additional upload function
- Possible to add thumbnail automatically and uploading at the same time
- Setting extent and height of thumbnail
- Optional setting to reflect the aspect ratio of the original automatically
- Optional setting to delete thumbnail after upload the thumbnail
- Auto-rotate setting to reflect upon the EXIF data when creating thumbnail
- Setting of the Thumbnail creation path (Basic path of NX or the same path as the original file)
- Setting of the prefix of the thumbnail file
- Setting of the Thumbnail creation format (extension)
(support formats: .jpeg; .jpg; .jpe; .png; .bmp; .sr; .ras; .tiff; .tif;)
DEXTUploadNX v1.0.2.0 (Released on 19 Jun 2014)
1. Improvement
- Add compression upload function of the .zip format
(Setting of creation path of folder, multiple files and compressed file,
Auto-delete option after uploading the compressed file, File notice option after completed the compression, auto name-
change of the redundant file, setting the level of compression, Setting the compression dialog title, Support of the event
such as compression start/completed/cancel/error)
- Add function to be able to set auto shift to DEXTUploadNX / manual
- Add function to set whether to change the path of the existing list when changing download path
- Set the old file dialog of automatic determination for optimized UI according to OS version
- In case that the download function doesn’t operate normally when using protect mode in IE11, the error event occurs to
be added to the list of trusted sites.

2. Bug Patch
- Correct the error that the NX UI continuously flashing when there is a upload failure in Windows XP

DEXTUploadNX v1.0.0.1 (Released on 14 Apr 2014)