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TITLE DEXTUploadFL v2.5.2 Released(incl. past release info.)
DATE 09-12-2014
DEXTUploadFL v2.5.2 (Released on 6 Oct 2014)
1. Improvement
- Adjustment of LocalConnection service routine for the AIR application communication
- Add the JavaScript methods to mitigate of the IE memory leak bug
- Modification of the download function for resume enhancements

DEXTUploadFL v2.5.1 (Released on 2 Jun 2014)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed a problem that does not upgrade an existing installation products due to the AIR application certificate change.
- Fixed the download and file of the execution function is incompatible issues due to the Flex Framework change.

DEXTUploadFL v2.5.0 (Released on 12 May 2014)
1. Improvement
- Provides the batch download function in the Upload Manager
- In the case of image files, provides image preview when operating detail display (THUMB, TILE)
- Provides Meta-information, the tool button tooltips
- Provides the function to modify the meta-information directly on the screen of the List type manager
- Provide the download completion event when multi-downloading
- Provides the function of multi-file download and execution in the PPAPI based chrome browser

2. Bug Patch
- Fixed the problem that parameters of some of the events can not import the normal value
- Fixed the problem that the context menu disappears in the some layout state in the case of Tool screen is closed.
- Fixed the problem that it can not find getItemIndex method file in the sorted file entry

DEXTUploadFL v2.4.0.0 (Released on 2 Jul 2012)
1. Bug Patch
- Able to delete files on the screen when file upload is completed
- Able to download without displaying of the file size when multi-downloading
- Supports single-download cancellation function
- Able to multi-download on closed networks
(But, AIR Runtime/AIR Application program should already be installed)
- Supports function for reverting to the WAIT state uploaded files
- Able to open the file (But, AIR Application program is required)
- Supports function for limit the number of files and filtering file-extension to be applied to the virtual files

2. Improvement
- Improved multi-downloader performance
- Corrected UI error occurred by cancellation when single-downloading
- Corrected error which the screen doesn''''''''t update after setCustomData method call

DEXTUploadFL v2.3.0.0 (Released On 8 Mar 2012)
1. Improvement
- Support of double-click event of the file name on list/icon screen
- Support of external method for web-file execution(open browser)

2. Bug Patch
- Improved performance of DEXUploadFL Multi- Downloader
- Corrected display error of resuming download of the DEXUploadFL Multi-Downloader
- Corrected state error of the button while loading file list of the DEXUploadFL Multi-Downloader

DEXTUploadFL v2.2.0.0 (Released On 1 Feb 2012)
1. Improvement
- Support of additional icon
- Add method that notice the existence of file to upload or delete
- CHM manual changed to HTML manual

2. Bug Patch
- Corrected event to close the multi-download monitor

DEXTUploadFL v2.1.0.0 (Released On 21 Nov 2011)
1. Improvement
- Support of setting user profile
- Support of selecting the object file script when multi-downloading
- Corrected event to close the multi-download monitor
- Support properties of the uploaded additional information of the virtual file (created/ modified date/resolution)
- Support setting of display/non-display download icon
- Support setting of display/non-display tool icon
- Place list of files in the width direction in the thumbnail screen

2. Bug Patch
- Corrected DEXTUploadFL.js file
- Corrected initialization error of the resolution in the Crop tool screen
- Corrected arrangement error of the Tool icon
- Adjusted location of the checkbox in the tile-shaped screen for management

DEXTUploadFL v2.0.0.0 (Released On 19 Oct 2011)
- Compatibility error with sub-products(below

DEXTUploadFL v1.6.0.0 (Released On 7 Dec 2011)
- Corrected re-install inquiry error after installed multi-download
- Corrected error of limiting number of the files
- Added function to set the download path in multi-download environment

DEXTUploadFL v1.5.0.0 (Released On 25 Apr 2011)
- Modified to operate Korean IME normally when using layer method in file upload environment

DEXTUploadFL v1.4.0.0 (Released On 14 Apr 2011)
- Added method to modify the error message level showed to users
- Corrected multi-file download error in secure contents download mode using AIR
- Added file select complete event in the dialog window of opening files

DEXTUploadFL v1.3.0.0 (Released On 11 Mar 2011)
- Added Visible setting method for transfer button of FileUploadManager object
- Improved to receive the random response code at the DEXTUploadFL object (response code which set in the server-side
script when uploading)
- Added click event for download button of MultiFileDownloadManage object
- Added method to check whether selected file when bringing file information of MultiFileDownloadManage object
- Improvement of AIR installation
- Improvement of process logic of internal error and added error messages

DEXTUploadFL v1.0.2.0 (Released On 13 Jan 2011)
- Improvement of exception handling of unsupported format in image preview
- Improvement of display format of "entire file" when downloading multi-file

DEXTUploadFL v1.0.1.0 (Released On 30 Dec 2010)
- Corrected update error of status bar when file add limited by file number limit
- Improvement of correction mode of notice board

DEXTUploadFL v1.0.0.0 (Released On 14 Dec 2010)