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TITLE DEXTUpload Pro Extension v1.8.0.0 Released. (incl. past release info.)
DATE 08-12-2014
DEXTUpload Pro Extension v1.8.0.0 (Released on 18 Oct 2013)
1. Improvement
- Support Windows 8/2012 & IE 10(desktop version)
- Improved File Execution.

DEXTUpload Pro Extension v1.7.0.0 (Released on 21 Oct 2011)
1. Bug Patch
- Corrected the error occurred during authentication in a few servers.
- Corrected the error that can not transfer the items of file list from FileUploadManager to
FileUploadMonitor because of changes in the JavaScript engine of Internet Explorer 9.

2. Improvement
- Support image preview in the FileUploadManager.
- Support tooltip in image preview.
- Support drag and drop to image preview.
- Support execute feature when you double-click the image on image preview.
- Support FileSize-Column Visible property in the ListView.
- Support FileName-Column Width property in the ListView.
- Support non-Header in the ListViewReport mode.
- Support changing the title of Folder dialog and File dialog.
- Support downloading automatically after selecting download folder.

DEXTUpload Pro Extension v1.5.4.0 (Released on 29 Nov 2010)
1. Bug Patch
- Corrected the error which values of checkbox and radio type were transmitted incorrectly when form-data was
transmitted using X Extension.

2. Improvement
- Modified issues which were treated as abnormal upload about a particular pattern’s
uploading once in a while.(Only v1.0.5.0)