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TITLE DEXTUploadJ v1.0.6.0 Released. (incl. past release info.)
DATE 08-12-2014
DEXTUploadJ v1.0.6.0 (Released on 6 Sep 2010)
1. Bug Patch
- Fixed the progress indicator error when uploading oversized file after applied setMaxTotalLength

DEXTUploadJ v1.0.5.0 (Released on 26 Aug 2010)
1. Improvement
- Corrected error which occurs when transfer empty input-file tag without adding file on browsers such as Chrome, Safari

DEXTUploadJ v1.0.4.4 (Released on 12 Nov 2008)
1. Bug Patch
- Stabilize support format of image process

DEXTUploadJ v1.0.4.3 (Released on 18 Apr 2008)
1. Bug Patch
- corrected getFileItemMap() method error

DEXTUploadJ v1.0.4.2 (Released on 4 Mar 2008)
1. Bug Patch
- corrected problem of authentication occurred at particular server

2. Improvement
- Corrected problem caused by non-standard method when uploading by Flash

DEXTUploadJ v1.0.4.1 (Released on 31 Jan 2008)
1. Bug Patch
- corrected error occurred when resuming download

DEXTUploadJ v1.0.4.0 (Released on 6 Aug 2007)
1. Bug patch
- corrected getFileItemNames method error
- modified the authentication file search error

2. Improvement
- modified download method for Unicode file name process(change parameter, check the manual)
- Add sample of Korean language download process in a variety of environments (Tomcat, Jeus, WebLogic etc.)

DEXTUploadJ v1.0.2.0 (Released on 24 Jul 2007)
1. Improvements
- extend SaveAs, SaveAsVirtual method (check the manual)
- support both “/”,”\” at path information when using method related Save
- Support different versions of the package for JRE 1.4.x version 1.5 or above

DEXTUploadJ v1.0.1.0 (Released on 20 Jun 2007)